Project Overview and Engineering

Rebuild 9.5 miles from Milvon Substation (Milford, CT) to West River Substation (New Haven, CT). Relocate the transmission lines off the existing railroad catenary bonnets (overhead wire systems) and install on independent monopoles with new insulators, hardware and conductor in the railroad corridor.

PROJECT PURPOSE AND NEED: The 115kV transmission lines between New Haven and Milford are supported by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) owned railroad catenary structures and connected through UI owned bonnet structures. As a result of age, asset deterioration, and increased mechanical loads, it was determined that new 115kV transmission lines be installed on new monopoles along the CTDOT railroad corridor. These upgrades will help maintain system reliability, preserve safety within and adjacent to the right-of-way, and provide technological enhancements to legacy system equipment.

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